Latest Out-of-Band Management Featured Articles

Opengear Sees 50 Percent Sales Growth as it Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Opengear is seeing 50 percent growth, when comparing year-over-year sales, and continues to see more resellers implementing its useful solutions. Both trends are a great way to celebrate the Australian firm's 10th year. - 8/27/2014

How to Expect the Unexpected in Network Protection

Even if you have the best business continuity plan in place, you may still feel the pressures of the over-reliance on technology. - 8/26/2014

Robust Protection a Must with Out-of-Band Management Solutions

Companies throughout the world make significant investments in security software and monitoring solutions. When remote access is a reality, they also have out of band management. - 8/22/2014

LTE Paves a Nice Path for M2M, Out-of-Band Management

While the name seems like a rather simplified term, the Internet of Things (IoT) is this pretty fantastic idea of a globally interconnected continuum of devices, objects and things in general. - 8/22/2014

For IoT Security, PKI Deserves a Second Look

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been a reliable security player for 20 years but has never been used to the fullest extent possible. However, the security needs of IoT are giving PKI the closer look it deserves. - 8/12/2014

Opengear Products

Cellular Routers Cellular Routers

Secure M2M and site connectivity. High speed CDMA EV-DO and GSM HSUPA/UMTS cellular. Control Ethernet, serial, USB and digital I/O devices

Console Servers Console Servers

Secure In-Band and Out-Of-Band access to manage data centers and remote sites. Manage serial and network console ports. Monitor the environment. Control UPS systems, PDU's.

Device Servers Device Servers

Serial to Ethernet servers, ideal for industrial applications. Software selectable RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 serial ports, advanced security and monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring Environmental Monitoring

Enterprise grade monitoring and alerting solutions for managing changes in environmental conditions in computer rooms and remote sites.

Central Management Lighthouse Central Management

The Opengear Lighthouse solution provides centralized management of Opengear appliances and attached IT networking gear for network engineers and system administrators.

Central Management Opengear Lighthouse

The Opengear Lighthouse solution allows network engineers and system administrators to centrally manage Opengear appliances and attached IT networking gear.

Power Management Power Management

IP-Power and IP-PDU affordable power distribution products. Our console servers manage these and third party PDUs and third party UPS systems.