Latest Out-of-Band Management Featured Articles

Decentralized Branch Office Architecture Creates Opportunities, Challenges

Today's business climate has required traditional enterprises to become increasingly flexible about how they conduct their operations. - 7/28/2014

New Worry: Businesses Not Ready For Complete Internet Failure

What would you do if the Internet suddenly - and completely - went down? Don't scoff; it could actually happen. - 7/21/2014

Opengear Releases New Firmware Features, Offers More Agile Security Management

Opengear hit the press last week with its latest firmware updates for IM and ACM management appliance firmware 3.11 and Lighthouse centralized management 4.5, both of which are available for download at no cost. - 7/21/2014

Buyer Beware: CMS Offerings Often Not a Reliable Replacement for Business Continuity

CMS offerings have naturally evolved over the years, and as demand for business continuity and document management has risen, there has been some interesting crossover between CMS and business continuity management (BCM) - 7/18/2014

InfraGreen Teams with Opengear to Streamline Networking

European enterprises looking for effective networking solutions now may enjoy the benefits of a collaboration between two leading technology companies, InfraGreen and Opengear - 7/16/2014

Opengear Products

Cellular Routers Cellular Routers

Secure M2M and site connectivity. High speed CDMA EV-DO and GSM HSUPA/UMTS cellular. Control Ethernet, serial, USB and digital I/O devices

Console Servers Console Servers

Secure In-Band and Out-Of-Band access to manage data centers and remote sites. Manage serial and network console ports. Monitor the environment. Control UPS systems, PDU's.

Device Servers Device Servers

Serial to Ethernet servers, ideal for industrial applications. Software selectable RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 serial ports, advanced security and monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring Environmental Monitoring

Enterprise grade monitoring and alerting solutions for managing changes in environmental conditions in computer rooms and remote sites.

Central Management Lighthouse Central Management

The Opengear Lighthouse solution provides centralized management of Opengear appliances and attached IT networking gear for network engineers and system administrators.

Central Management Opengear Lighthouse

The Opengear Lighthouse solution allows network engineers and system administrators to centrally manage Opengear appliances and attached IT networking gear.

Power Management Power Management

IP-Power and IP-PDU affordable power distribution products. Our console servers manage these and third party PDUs and third party UPS systems.